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Handling group requests is complicated. tripbakery makes it easy!

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35.000+ hotels are already participating, including:

What is tripbakery?

tripbakery is a website for group accommodation requests. We receive requests from large travel groups (10-250+ persons) for different regions with detailed information concerning their stay like date, type of rooms, amenities, budget etc. Now, as a hotel you can make those groups interesting offer without much effort.

Concrete requests        No communication overhead

How does the process look like for hotels?

1st step: Your hotel gets notified

Your hotel will be notified with a request for a proposal:
tripbakery team validates the group in order to ensure the quality.
The 10 best-matching suppliers will the be informed via e-Mail.

The notification email contains the details about the request and 2 links:
1. link: to make an proposal directly to the group
2. link: to decline the request with reasons

You decide whether you want to make an offer or not.

2nd step: You make an offer

Using the link in the email you’ll get to the tripbakery partner-area, where you can create your offer.

- prices
- short description
- cancellation and payment policies

That's it! We enrich your offer with pictures and further information. Your data will be saved for future offers. So the next time you want to make an offer for a tripbakery group, you only have to put in your daily-prices. Now is everything faster

Here an example how the offer form looks like: Demo-Form

3rd step: The group books your offer

Your offer will be forwarded to the group as it is!

If the group likes your offer and wants to book it, we will inform you and send you their contact details.

Now you can send the group all the payment and contract details and the group will book directly with you.

Here an example how your offer may be presented to the group:
Demo-request including an offer

What are the advantages for hotels?

Matching Group Requests

You will only get concrete requests from validated group requests that match your hotel. No fakes.

High Conversion Rates

Depending on the region and the requirements of the group the 10 best matching hotels will be requested.

Timesaving Offer Making

With your second offer, you only have to give us your daily prices. Making an offer in less than a minute!

 Concrete and complete travel data

 Superfast offer making

 No technical integration

What are the conditions?

For the registration, we charge a one-time fee of 100€ per accommodation. For every successful booking we ask for 10% commission. We will charge the commission per invoice after the group leaves. There are no other costs for you!

100€ Registration Fee        10% Commission per Booking

No subscription fee!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is tripbakery a traditional travel agency?

In brief: No, we are just an intermediary providing the platform.

tripbakery is an online-marketplace for suppliers and demanders of group-travel services. Tripbakery is not selling any travel services and is not packaging any trips. Our mission is to provide the organizer with the best offers possible. We are building the infrastructure so that you can operate with groups more efficiently and that groups can have a nice trip.

Do you change my offers before sending to customers?

In brief: No, offers are being enriched with additional information (like pictures, map)

The offers that you uploaded using the link, will be 1:1 forwarded to the customers. Tripbakery does not change anything. That is why the booking commission has to be included in your prices, when uploading the offer

What is the commission?

In brief: 10% of the gross price

Tripbakery charges 10% of the gross price before local taxes and other local duties. To which degree your boarding is commissionable you can state at each offer you make.

We are not granting any commission, can we make an offer anyway?

In brief: No, sorry.

Unfortunately we can only accept offers including our commission. You will get the commission invoice after the group leaves. Since we are not selling any travel services and just brokering you offer to the customer, there is no other possibility

How is my hotel presented to groups?

In brief: like this Demo-request including an offer

tripbakery built up a database with pictures and additional information. We use this database to make your offer look amazing. It might be the case that you have some additional information and data (pictures, videos) that you want to upload. Therefore please subscribe your accommodation using the button at the beginning of the website.

The links in the email are not opening. What can I do?

In brief: copy the link and paste it into the address line of the browser

Some email clients are blocking links for security reasons. If that should be the case you have two options. 1st: Copy the link and paste it into the browser bar and the offer sheet will open. Or 2nd: add the links of tripbakery to the security exceptions.

Is an option needed for the offer?

In brief: Yes. 2 weeks minimum.

We would ask you to block the rooms/grant an option for at least 2 weeks because groups often need a little bit more time for their decisions. We will inform you instantly when the group has decided for or against your offer.

Could you advertise my hotel to the groups?

In brief: Contact us.

Please contact us via if you want to advertise your service/accomodation in a special way.

How many groups are you processing per month?

In brief: at the moment 300 per week. Fast growing

At the moment, 300 groups are using our service per week, with an average of 35 participants. They are coming 100% from the german-speaking regions and are travelling predominantly within Europe.

Which kind of groups do you process?

In brief: companies, clubs, school classes, friend groups

All kinds of groups like friends, families, societies and big companies are using our service. We provide you with all the information you need to make an optimal offer